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Top 10 Best Yoga Mats to Use on Carpet – The Ultimate Guide

yoga mat for carpet

For those who do yoga at home and have carpeted floors, a question naturally arises, “what is the best yoga mat to use on my carpet?”

You’re in the right place. We’ve got the answer for you. There is no universally ideal yoga mat, but we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of options for you to consider.

The best yoga mats to use on carpet include Liforme yoga mat, Manduka Prolite, Anja Natural Jute, Jade Harmony, Gaiam, Manduka eKOlite, Plyopic All-in-one, IUGA Pro Non-Slip, Yoga Design Lab Infinity, and the Heathyoga Non-Slip yoga mat.

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your house, don’t worry; with the correct mat, you can still create an outstanding yoga practice.

The ideal yoga mats for the carpet will be broader (at a minimum of 6 millimeters) and made from natural rubber to provide essential traction and elasticity.

Ultimately, we’ve included the three top options that we believe are the best for you. There isn’t a lousy yoga mat on this list, making it a real challenge to narrow down our top picks, but we’ve made it possible.

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats for Carpets, Including Their Pros and Cons

1. Manduka Prolite

Manduka Prolite

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Manduka yoga mats are among the best available, and the Prolite is no different from the rest. It is available in various colors and designs, allowing you to match whatever style you like.

Additionally, it is available in two sizes, 79 x 24 and 71 x 24, making it a superb yoga mat for tall people.

It is made of a high-density, non-toxic foam that is 4.76 mm thick and won’t fade or peel even after years of use. The mat’s thickness and density make it particularly effective on carpets and rougher surfaces without causing joint pain.

After purchasing this mat, you should clean it several times. The grip is a tad slick right out of the packaging. It’s probably because of the manufacturing residue left across all yoga mats (don’t worry, it’s non-toxic).

However, it becomes wholly sticky and prepared for your yoga session after a few minutes of scrubbing with either Castile detergent or baking soda.

The mat’s surface is closed-celled, making it relatively simple to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria, unlike an open-celled surface. This assertion does not claim that open-cell mats are contaminated; they are more challenging to clean.

Its functionality on carpets is excellent overall. It provides the ideal padding, doesn’t move about, and doesn’t snuggle up at the edges. With the Prolite, all you need to do is wipe the mat clean before using it.


  • Bacteria are not present on closed cell surfaces.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Emissions-free production, i.e., in a sustainable way.
  • Outstanding grip.
  • Neither peels nor fades.
  • Perfect padding.
  • Lightweight.


  • A few people claim to have slipped, although it’s possible that they hadn’t cleaned the mat thoroughly before using it.

2. Liforme Yoga Mat

Liforme Yoga Mat

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There are many things about the Liforme that we appreciate.

This mat is, without a doubt, a top-tier yoga mat. It may be used in various situations and was constructed with a focus on quality.

The polyurethane upper is designed to wick away moisture and keep a firm grip in wet conditions. Initially, it was designed to be used as a mat for hot yoga. However, you can get the same results practicing non-heated yoga at home.

The patterns on the surface are the first thing anyone will notice. You can use these marks as alignment guides for your asanas. It’s broader than most yoga mats, giving you plenty of areas to spread out and do your yoga routine.

The mat’s natural rubber base is only one example of the high-quality materials that went into its construction. When you lay out your mat, it will unfurl perfectly without curling and remain in place through even the most vigorous yoga practices.

It’s one of our top picks for yoga mats and a strong contender for best overall. It’s one of the most pricey yoga mats out there, but we believe the investment is worthwhile for anyone who intends to practice yoga regularly.


  • Superb surface grip; beneficial for both heated and unheated yoga practices.
  • Incorporating alignment lines into the surface design aids in maintaining focus and achieving more optimal postures during yoga practice.
  • It is produced in a non-harmful way and using sustainable methods.
  • The width is 27 inches, making it much more spacious than a regular yoga mat.
  • You can tell the yoga mat is high-quality just by picking it up.


  • Only a few variants are offered.
  • It costs more than the average mat.

3. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

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The Jade Harmony is a popular choice among serious yogis. Because the mats are crafted from sustainable tree rubber, anyone can get behind the company’s goals.

The Jade Harmony is a great carpet yoga mat because of its high density and outstanding cushioning. The natural rubber construction provides superb stability without compromising flexibility.

It is common knowledge that extreme flexibility might compromise one’s balance and the execution of yoga postures unless the necessary stabilizer muscles are developed.

The Jade Harmony aids in developing stabilizer muscles and is available in three different lengths (68″, 71″, and 74″) to meet customer needs. Like the Manduka Prolite, it has a thickness of 4.76 mm, making it suitable for both carpet and concrete floors.

The sticky grip provided by Harmony’s open-celled surface is one of our favorite features. Open-cell yoga mats may give somewhat better traction than closed-cell mats.

However, maintaining a clean open-cell surface requires more effort. You probably won’t sweat enough when practicing yoga to worry about this unless you plan on attending a hot yoga class.

However, there are several factors to remember when shopping for a synthetic rubber yoga mat.

One factor is that it’s rubber and has a distinct rubbery odor. Therefore, this may not be the ideal option if you have an allergy to rubber or latex or dislike the fragrance.

Another factor to worry about is that it’s not light. It weighs about 4.5 lbs, which isn’t a big concern if you’re practicing yoga in your room, but something to think about if you intend on bringing the mat with you on your travels.

This yoga mat is of the highest quality. It’s a great yoga mat for carpets because of its grip, padding, and size. You can tell you’re holding something sturdy just by picking it up.


  • Extremely dense material, which makes it supportive.
  • Superb grip.
  • An array of shades is available.
  • A range of sizes.
  • Very long-lasting; you can count on it for years to come.
  • Uses only eco-friendly natural rubber.
  • For every mat purchased, one tree is planted.


  • Natural rubber makes this item quite heavy.
  • Careful cleaning is required for the open-celled surface.

4. Anja Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Anja Natural Jute Yoga Mat

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The Anja Jute yoga mat can be a good option if you like a great feel to your mat.

You might be acquainted with the feel because burlap is made from jute, a natural, coarse fabric. It doesn’t feel as harsh as a burlap bag, though.

Instead, this mat’s construction combines PER foam, which creates a softer texture, with natural jute fiber.

Although the Jute top initially seems a little coarser than other materials, many people who purchase this mat grow accustomed to it and find that they like it.

It is one size, 72″ x 24″, and 5 mm thick.

Again, because it is a solid material, you need not be concerned that it may affect your equilibrium. Each yoga mat within that price range will likely be dense without having too much give because that is the norm for high-quality yoga mats.

The grip is decent overall but not the finest. There seems to be some variation in the outcome of this. When the PER foam and jute are combined, the result can be a softer and slicker mat if there is an excess of PER in the mixture.

If you get one with much less grip, it’s pretty simple to ship back because they offer fantastic return support, but this is relatively rare. Overall, as a yoga mat for use on your carpet, this mat is among the best options available.


  • Comes with a carrying strap.
  • Extremely cool colors and fashions.
  • It is entirely distinctive and stands out from the majority of yoga mats.
  • Excellent joint support.
  • Material that is biodegradable and free of BPA and other hazardous substances.
  • Lightweight and transportable, making it simple to move from one location to another.


  • Some folks might find the grip to be a tad harsh.
  • Only available in one length and width.

5. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat

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Among newcomers to yoga, Gaiam is a household name. Their goods aren’t exactly known for being of superb quality, but they’re more affordable than those made by more prestigious yoga brands.

Everything about their mats is solid, and they still manage to keep prices low. They’re generally competent but not particularly impressive.

This mat is great for practicing yoga on the carpet without breaking the bank. It’s built from safe, non-toxic PVC and comes in many designs that you can choose from. This mat is 68″ x 24″ and has a thickness of 6 mm.

Unfortunately, PVC doesn’t decompose in landfills, and its production results in unnecessary waste. These yoga mats, though, are relatively inexpensive and durable, so there is that plus.

The Gaiam mat is ideal for the home practice of yoga without heat. Its low weight and moderate density mean it won’t throw off your equilibrium if you lay it on the carpet. As a low-cost yoga mat, it does a good job.


  • Presented in a wide array of designs and patterns.
  • Inexpensive and practical as a yoga mat for use on carpet.
  • Non-heated yoga poses benefit significantly from the added grip.
  • Simple to maintain; wipe down when dirty.
  • Extra padding is provided by its 6 mm thickness.


  • Uses PVC as its primary material.
  • Several consumers complain about a strong chemical odor when using theirs.

6. Manduka eKOlite Yoga Mat

Manduka eKOlite Yoga Mat

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The Manduka eKOlite is a popular choice among many yoga enthusiasts. It’s a cheaper option than the more pricey Manduka yoga mats, and it still looks and feels like a Manduka mat.

All components of the eKOlite, including the foam and dyes, are safe for human use and the environment. In addition to being 99% latex-free, the company also practices zero-waste production, which ensures sustainability.

Two different sizes (71″ × 24″ and 79″ x 26″) and thicknesses (3-5 mm) are available for the eKOlite. The larger size offers more space and stability for the yoga practitioner.

The extra width of the mat is quite helpful because, in some yoga positions, knees would otherwise hit the sides of a mat that is a bit narrower. If you aren’t quite as tall, around 6′, a mat that’s only 24 inches wide will do just fine.

It would be best to wash your mat as soon as you get it because the synthetic rubber grip on the top provides excellent slip protection. The mat can become slippery due to residual powder, but it regains traction when dusting.

The yoga mat’s material is purposely thick to provide superior padding without excessive give. Doing yoga poses on the carpet won’t affect your stability, and it’s durable enough to last a lifetime. To sum up, this is a great yoga mat for the price.


  • A wonderful combination of comfort and ground feel. Excellent results are achieved on the carpet and other plush floorings.
  • Superb surface traction.
  • No toxic colors or PVC here.
  • Wipeable is a closed-cell surface that needs no unique cleaning products.
  • Available in a wide variety of fashionable shades and cuts.


  • Possibility of a rubbery odor when first opened.
  • Only width of 24′′ available.

7. Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat

Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat

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The Plyopic all-in-one mat is among the finest non-toxic yoga mats. The mat is made entirely of SGS-approved, non-toxic materials, including the dyes used. The dyes create the mat’s eye-catching patterns.

It comes in only one standard size and is 71 mm x 25.5 mm (3.5 mm thick).

The top is made of ultra-plush micro-suede, while the bottom is made of durable natural rubber. This yoga mat is only for advanced users or those who prefer the feel of the floor, as it is only 3.5 mm thick.

On the other hand, the carpet can be as thin as 3.5 mm because it provides padding against the floor.

The “soft-grip coating” on the mat’s surface is gentle on the hands. Since the upper section is made of cloth, it is comfortable and can also be used for hot yoga.

This yoga mat is an excellent value for your money and is convenient for every yoga practitioner.


  • Materials used in production have been verified as safe by the SGS.
  • Extremely broad (a full 25.5″).
  • The magic carpet design is our favorite of the unusual patterns used.
  • Its thickness of 3.5 mm makes it an excellent option for those who prefer a carpet with a lot of padding.
  • Devoid of harmful substances.


  • Some have complained that the yoga mat causes slips.
  • It could be too skinny to use on more solid ground.

8. IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

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The IUGA pro yoga mat also makes it into our list of premium yoga mats. Aside from its vast size (72″ x 26″), this mat also manages to be incredibly thin (only 5 mm) and portable (2.5 lbs).

TPE foam (which is environmentally safe and non-toxic) and natural rubber are the main components of the yoga mat. The mat is of high quality and has a pleasant texture.

You shouldn’t be too concerned about the mat’s curling edges. The mat has a good feel and will absorb sweat effectively.

Unfortunately, there are cases where multiple individuals used the mat for hot yoga, and within a few months, it melted and changed form. You won’t have this problem at home, but hot yoga is not the place.

It’s a cheap and high-quality alternative for those needing an indoor yoga mat to use on their carpet.


  • The grip is excellent.
  • Comparable in quality to more expensive yoga mats, but at a more reasonable price.
  • There are a variety of fashionable and one-of-a-kind hues to choose from.
  • It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Lightweight.


  • Many hot yoga practitioners have complained that their mats melted or warped after practice.
  • Many practitioners have complained that their yoga mats have been stained.

9. Yoga Design Lab Infinity Mat

Yoga Design Lab Infinity Mat

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Products from Yoga Design Lab are top-notch. It is no surprise that we list their new Infinity mat because it is an excellent, budget-friendly option for hot yoga. It’s great for use as a yoga mat on the carpet.

With a dense polyurethane top and a natural rubber bottom, this mat is 5 mm thick. As a result, you can practice your asanas without worrying about sinking or losing your balance.

The Infinity Mat is reminiscent of a high-quality yoga mat in feel and builds when picked up.

Since it weighs about six pounds (thanks to the natural rubber), it won’t move around or curl up at the ends if you set it down. And it performs admirably on carpeted floors as well as any other surface.

You may expect the exact firm grip and sweat absorption as the Liforme yoga mat because of the similarities in their construction. Compared to the Liforme, this is a very close second, and it costs less, too, making it convenient.


  • The base is made of a natural rubber that provides the ideal amount of cushioning.
  • The mat is nice and solid, giving you a sense of its long-lasting quality.
  • A great alternative to the more pricey Liforme yoga mat.
  • Adapts nicely to both heated and non-heated yoga practices.
  • Plenty of options in terms of color and design.


  • Some customers complain that the top flakes.
  • Possibly too cumbersome to use as a portable yoga mat.

10. Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Mat

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This Heathyoga mat is non-slip TPE material and features alignment lines to help perfect your stance, arms, and feet for more challenging poses. The mat’s textured surface prevents slipping on the bottom of your hands and feet.

The mat’s anti-tear mesh layer increases durability, and its 6 mm thickness means it will cushion your knees even on thin carpets.

This yoga mat is made from an SGS-approved, slip-resistant substance. It is safe, with no latex, PVC, or other harmful substances. Body alignment lines on the mat can be used as a guide for movement in yoga, especially for novices.


  • The quality of this yoga mat is superb.
  • The stickiness and thickness are just ideal.
  • No slipping when used in rooms with wooden floors.
  • Free of latex or any toxic material.


  • Strong odor when first opened.
  • Not as grippy as required.

Bottom Line

What you choose depends on personal preferences, financial position, frequency of yoga practice, experience in yoga practice, and other variables.

Each yoga mat we’ve highlighted above is constructed with quality in mind, making each of them a solid choice for you.

To make your choice easier, based on different metrics, we have compiled the following options:

  • Most Unique Mat: Anja’s Jute Yoga Mat
  • Best Synthetic Rubber Mat: Jade Harmony
  • Best Value on a Budget Mat: Gaiam Yoga Mat
  • Breeze to Spot-Clean: Manduka eKOlite
  • Superb Traction: IUGA Pro
  • Coolest Design Mat: Plyopic All-in-One Mat
  • Best overall mat: Liforme Yoga Mat

Of course, we had to simplify things even further for you by reducing the number of options available. Our top three recommendations are as follows:

  • Liforme Yoga Mat.
  • Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat.
  • Jade Harmony Yoga Mat.

We believe you’ll be able to get value for your money when you buy these yoga mats because of their performance, build, and quality. The Liforme and the Manduka Prolite are pricey, while the Jade Harmony is the cheaper alternative of the three.