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11 Reasons That Make Women Wear Yoga Pants

why do women wear yoga pants

Yoga pants are arguably one of the most culturally-important fashion trends in recent years, yet even with their popularity, we still don’t know why women wear them.

Not every woman has the exact reason for wearing yoga pants: some do it because they look great, others because they’re comfortable. But it’s a question that is often asked. So, here are the most popular reasons why women wear yoga pants.

1. Yoga Pants Are More Comfortable

Many women choose yoga pants for their comfort factor. They are slimming and relatively loose, making them more suitable for those who need extra room to move around in.

Yoga pants are typically baggy enough to make room for a pair of comfortable shoes and don’t squeeze your body in the wrong places.

Many women believe that yoga pants offer more flexibility and comfort than leggings, which undoubtedly makes a difference for some.

However, because leggings are more fitting around the legs, they don’t allow as much freedom of movement in the hips and legs as yoga pants usually do.

2. Yoga Pants Are More Practical

Women who prefer yoga pants will often say that they like the extra pocket space that these pants provide.

Many of the pants have small, discreet pockets in the front for keys or cell phones or more oversized bags along the sides for your wallet and other things you may need to take with you throughout your day.

3. Yoga Pants Are More Fashionable

Yoga pants are very versatile- depending on what top you pair them with, they can be dressed up or down.

A pair of yoga pants with a couple of stylish heels or ballet flats can instantly make you look and feel more fashionable.

While yoga pants also come in various styles and brands, they are usually very affordable- especially compared to leggings, which are usually more costly.

4. Yoga Pants Are More Conservative

Yoga pants serve the critical function of being able to hide an imperfect figure.

Yoga pants are often loose enough to disguise any bulges on your thighs or calves, and their cut is generally open sufficient so that there is no emphasis placed on your behind or stomach.

Yoga pants also provide extra coverage through their versatility. Women with broad hips and thighs may find that yoga pants can hide their “problem” areas quite well.

5. They Make You Feel Skinny or Comfortable When You Feel Fat

Many women choose a pair of yoga pants to help them look slim and more confident when feeling fat.

Yoga pants, in general, offer a lot of comforts while allowing you to move around freely and are, therefore, frequently worn by those who want to feel comfortable in their skin.

While it can be relatively easy to “fake” the appearance of being slim in yoga pants, this is not always the case, so if you need confidence, wearing yoga pants can make you feel like you need to lose weight or at least appear slimmer.

6. You Can Wear Them Out on the Town

For those who want to treat themselves, yoga pants are a great way to feel like you are wearing sweatpants out in the world. While they may look more like leggings on those who wear them with high heels and a nice top, they still offer the same versatility and comfort as your standard pair of leggings.

Yoga pants are often a hit for women who may work at an office job but want to relax by hanging out with friends in the evening.

7. They’re Comfortable To Wear When You’re Pregnant

During pregnancy, many women find that their legs, stomachs, and butts become too big for most types of pants. Yoga pants are usually very comfortable, and you can wear them in public without having to dress up.

They also make a great backup pair to your everyday leggings if you find that your backside is wearing them out.

8. They Are Inexpensive and Wear-Resistant

While they may not last forever, yoga pants are usually inexpensive, and you can replace them fairly quickly.

Additionally, with the slimming and flexible material, yoga pants are much more versatile in their styling choices than leggings.

9. They’re Zipperless

Women who wear yoga pants will tell you that they are almost always zipperless, making your life much easier.

For those who want to run errands or women like me who don’t have a Spanx-type contraption hiding my cellulite and stretch marks, the lack of zippers on yoga pants is crucial. Without the zipper, you never have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction.

10. Perfect for Binge-Watching Netflix

Yoga pants are perfect for binge-watching TV shows because you don’t have to worry about looking sloppy or spending hours getting ready to go out.

You can run errands, go shopping, and relax at home in your comfy pants without being self-conscious or having to spend time fussing with your hair, makeup, or outfit.

Many women wear yoga pants when hanging out with family and friends because they can be comfortable all day long.

11. Hide Your Hairy Legs

You can use yoga pants to hide your hairy legs. Women who want to feel great in or outside the gym but don’t want to shave their legs often choose yoga pants.

Additionally, if you are a woman who has recently given birth and is breastfeeding, your bare knees and thighs may make you feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public.

Yoga pants are perfect for concealing the problem areas so that you can get on with your day and not have to worry about looks from others.

12. They Don’t Take Up Space in Your Closet

If you have ever been the owner of a pair of leggings, you already know they can be a bit bulky because of their fabric. While leggings can be a great addition to your workout or casual wardrobe, once you are done wearing them, they take up quite a bit of room in your closet- mainly because they usually come in multiples: black, white, nude, and grey.

Yoga pants can provide many benefits in terms of convenience and style. They are great for casual and lounging clothing, workout clothes, and even formal wear.

The secret to looking good in yoga pants is to choose your outfit carefully, work with what you have, and accept that you may look better from the back than from the front.