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What Should Men Wear to Yoga?

What Should Men Wear to Yoga

What Do Guys Wear To Yoga?

You have discovered that male yoga students are not an anomaly but a rule. However, you can’t get any helpful advice on what to dress because all the results feature young women in scant yoga clothing.

Previously, I managed an outdoor gear shop. One of the companies I stocked was Prana, a long-standing manufacturer of high-quality yoga wear for men. However, you wouldn’t realize that such fantastic yoga clothing exists in most areas. The question is, what kind of clothes do men wear to yoga?

From yoga pants to hot yoga attire, these are some of the top options for men going to yoga. So that you don’t feel left out, I compiled this guide to yoga attire for men with the help of some of my male yogi pals.

Incorporate yoga into your everyday routine to speed up weight loss, build muscle, and improve overall health.

The Clothing You’ll Require for the Yoga Class

Many companies have created specially designed garments only available to male practitioners for yoga.

They spent money on nice-feeling, breathable textiles. These yoga garments can dry quickly, provide necessary stretch, and wick away perspiration effectively.

Loose Clothes

Most men prefer tank tops, muscle tees, and other loose clothing made from flexible materials. Muscle tees (sleeveless tops) are recommended to ease monitoring upper body alignment, though this is a matter of taste.

Wearing a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt to yoga class makes it more difficult for you or your instructor to assess your form.

Stretchy and Comfortable Yoga Clothes

When shopping for yoga clothes, choosing items made of stretchy materials is best. The most efficient method is to dress in a way that allows you a full range of motion during yoga.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Buy comfortable, breathable textiles if you want to practice yoga regularly. For the most part, synthetics are the best option. If you wear these to your yoga class, they will stretch with your positions and allow your perspiration to evaporate, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Cotton fabrics

Even though organic cotton is widely used to make men’s yoga apparel, the fabric does not come without its downsides. Its fast absorption of sweat is problematic in challenging yoga positions like downward dog and warrior.

Not only that, but cotton takes a long time to dry. A hot yoga session has the potential to leave your favorite t-shirt drenched and a soggy mess by the conclusion of the class.

Cotton yoga attire, such as cotton t-shirts, is less than ideal for a hot yoga session but is suitable for yin yoga practice or other low-intensity programs.

What Should Not Be Worn To Yoga?

You should not wear the following:

Short Shorts

As a practical matter, not all garments are suitable for a yoga session. Wearing shorts during yoga is frowned upon unless you’re going for a sexy, provocative look.

I doubt I must spell it out, but trust me when I say that it’s highly distracting to have someone staring at you while trying to get into a zen state of mind for some yoga.

Going Topless

To continue the theme, gentlemen, please do not remove your shirts. Zac Effron or not, a half-naked man on the yoga mat is hardly something anyone is looking for.

Topless guys in yoga courses are a huge distraction for students trying to focus on their practices. The practice of yoga, particularly hot yoga, can also lead to significant perspiration.

If you spill water on your yoga mat, it cannot be very comfortable. This opinion is not shared by all, of course.

Hot yoga classes often attract a bare-chested crowd. Before you take off your clothes, look around quickly to see what the other guys are wearing.

Don’t Wear Hoodies

There is just one time you can make this error. No yogi should ever show up to class wearing a hoodie.

Hoodies are annoying because they always fall over your eyes when trying to do an inverted yoga stance. I can attest that it is pretty frustrating.

Thick Sweat Pants

Avoid covering your lower body with thick cotton sweatpants. They will be much too ponderous and unwieldy to wear.

Wearing track pants is preferable. These are typically made of synthetic materials, which are both lightweight and stretchy.

The Importance of Wearing Appropriate Yoga Clothes

The first and most evident response is ease. You aren’t wearing this clothing to impress somebody or feel good about yourself (though both would be nice). That’s common knowledge among us.

Yoga clothes for guys should be comfortable, but they should also allow you to accomplish the postures and hold them while you focus on your breathing.

Unlike running on a treadmill or punching a bag, yoga requires you to stretch and challenge your flexibility.

Some yoga positions, for instance, call for the performer to stand with their feet shoulder-width apart and their arms up in a lunge.

You can’t just wear your basketball or gym shorts to do this because they can restrict the range of motion in your legs and hips.

What to Look For In Men’s Yoga Clothes

When selecting yoga attire for your upcoming session, you should focus on four aspects: comfort, material, sizing, and pricing.


To reiterate, ease of movement is paramount when selecting yoga attire for males. If you’re not wearing clothes that fit correctly, you may be distracted from your yoga practice by fiddling with your outfit.


In general, looser-fitting garments are the norm while shopping for athletic wear. However, due to the nature of yoga’s motions, tighter, more form-fitting garments are required.

This will keep your clothing from riding up and limiting your range of motion when you strike certain poses.

The additional benefit of wearing garments that fit more snugly is that it raises awareness of your body’s angles.

If you’re planning on wearing a plain cotton T-shirt to your next yoga session, for instance, you should measure yourself first to ensure it isn’t too long or loose, as this could cause it to fall over your face during some of the more advanced postures.

Remember that the inverse is also correct. Tight clothing will restrict your movement and make training more uncomfortable.


As a quick review, you should wear sweat-wicking, lightweight, stretchy, and long-lasting fabrics while shopping for workout gear.

Whether lying down, standing up, or sitting on your mat, you’ll probably break a sweat during a typical yoga session.

If you sweat heavily during practice and discover that your mat is becoming dangerously slippery, consider switching to a more absorbent material like cotton.

When doing yoga, both sexes should dress in loose, stretchy clothing. As such, long-sleeved shirts and pants are not acceptable options for male yoga practitioners.

The synthetic materials you choose won’t wick away sweat much, so they’re a good bet if you plan to perform a lot of hot or Bikram yoga.

This is because cotton will soak up a lot of sweat during class, making it uncomfortable to move around in asanas. In addition, you may find yourself experiencing some severe discomfort.


Cost is a significant consideration whenever someone is looking to purchase new yoga equipment.

I’m not suggesting you go out and spend $100 on a pair of men’s designer yoga pants, but neither am I telling you to go with the cheapest gear out there.

Any clothing you wear during yoga practice will likely get wet, be rumpled, and must be washed multiple times before they look new.

If you wear yoga gear, be sure they’re long-lasting enough to handle the pressure. If you don’t, you’ll waste more money on new garments.

The Wrap

The number of males searching for advice on what to wear to yoga has increased dramatically as word of the practice’s remarkable physical, mental, and emotional advantages has spread.

What Is Kind Of Shorts Ideal For Yoga?

When it comes to keeping cool during yoga practice, men’s yoga shorts are the way to go. Because of the shorter length and the minimal amount of cloth, you will have more freedom of movement.

On the other hand, you will be bending over quite a bit, which means you will require more support. Above all else, you will want to protect yourself from humiliating instances of overexposure.

The best men’s shorts either have a snug fit, which helps the wearer remain covered while also providing support and comfort, or they feature an additional layer or liner that shields them from the elements.

What Are The Finest Yoga Pants For Men For Class?

Jogging bottoms and yoga pants share many similarities; however, they have a more form-hugging design to ensure that they do not ride up while the wearer is bending or stretching.

If the waist of your yoga pants can be tied, the string shouldn’t hang too low; otherwise, it could trip you or dangle in a way that distracts you from your practice.

If you want to keep your belongings close at hand during your yoga practice, you can purchase men’s yoga trousers with pockets, but if you need to lie on your front during exercise, you should leave your keys by your mat or in the changing room.

Don’t get hung up on the contrast between yoga leggings and trousers. Some say that pants are loose and leggings are tight, but there is no widely accepted differentiation to differentiate the two.

The most important thing is to select a bottom garment that allows you to move freely and comfortably throughout your workout, regardless of whether you want to wear shorts, pants, or yoga leggings.

What Is The Best Men’s Yoga Top For Me?

The tops include:

Yoga T-Shirts

Loose (but not too loose) t-shirts are a common choice for male yogis. The best shirt to wear when working out keeps you dry and cool and doesn’t restrict your movement or ride up too high, exposing your tummy.

Invest in a shirt of high quality to wear for many years. My favorite t-shirt is a simple black cotton shirt. Stores like Target, H&M, and Kmart sell basic cotton shirts for a reasonable price.

You can get a high-quality cotton shirt from a company like Nike for a reasonable price. The Nike v-neck tee I’ve owned for a while is holding up great.

Nonetheless, I need to point out that the length of this shirt is too short for my taste and exposes too much when I raise my arms.

Yoga Tank Tops

I like to choose tank tops when practicing yoga. To cool down rapidly after your yoga exercise, sleeveless tops are ideal.

In addition to highlighting your body’s angles and alignment, the snugger fit of a tank top has an additional benefit.

This is an excellent tool if you need suggestions on improving your posture or making other classroom alterations.

You should treat tank tops the same way you do tee shirts, and look for one that is soft, breathable, and the right length and width across your body. A fantastic synthetic tank top was only approximately $15 at Target, where I made my purchase.

What Footwear Does Yogis Wear?

When you enter a yoga studio, you take off your shoes as a symbolic gesture of entering a different, more inward world. Walking from the studio’s front door to your yoga mat while wearing your socks is perfectly acceptable.

They may come in helpful during the last relaxation phase, when you may be lying still for approximately ten minutes — nobody wants cold feet!

Although it is common for yogis to practice without shoes, if you are concerned about slipping on your mat, you may always wear socks with grips on the bottom.

What Should Men Wear For Hot Yoga?

When you participate in hot yoga, you should anticipate sweating entirely. Regarding clothing, less is more because the studio will be warm and humid, as the name suggests; therefore, bring as little as possible.

You could want to try wearing yoga shorts to stay calm, but watch out that they aren’t too baggy so that you don’t end up overexposing yourself to the sun.

Wearing this with a tank top with a low cut and thin material that dries quickly will help you prevent sweat patches and cool off more quickly. In that case, you may always practice without a top if you feel comfortable doing so.

The Bottom Line

I have high hopes that this guide has helped demystify the world of yoga wear for guys and will assist you in making more educated decisions while searching for the most appropriate clothes for your exercise.