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5 Best Plus Size Yoga Mat – The Ultimate Guide

Plus Size Yoga Mat

Yoga for an overweight person is not an easy task, and one needs to make sure their choice of the mat is yoga-friendly according to their body mass.

Yoga mats for plus-size women are supposed to offer cushion and a firm grip while making stretches and should be larger than regular yoga mats to accommodate you while practicing yoga.

The Best Yoga Mats for Plus-sized People

As much as it may be difficult and tedious to walk around with a thicker yoga mat, plus-sized people find more comfort in them compared to the thinner options.

Yoga is considered a non-competitive discipline that trains you to appreciate and listen to your body and give favorable responses.

That is why the yoga mat you have on board must be in line with what your body needs so that no unnecessary distractions are caused as you try to listen to the language your body is communicating.

Best Yoga Mat Choices for Plus-Sized Individuals

1. Clever Yoga Mat Non-Slip

Clever Yoga Mat Non-Slip

The Clever Premium Yoga mat constitutes a perfect fit mat bag, is ergonomic and medium in thickness for more ground connectivity, and contains a mat adhesion favorable for all yoga mats. Moreover, this mat is lightweight, durable, hygienic, and planet-friendly.

The mat offers comfort without a chance of causing a compromise in the stability level because it is composed of a base layer consisting of natural tree rubber.

The dense tree rubber ensures comfort, and see to it that you are comfortable and free through every pose.

Furthermore, this yoga mat provides more practice space compared to regular mats and is convenient for portability because of the shoulder strap that it comes with.

The mat is also manufactured from environment-friendly material and does not have a rubber smell that may irritate those who are smell-sensitive.

Even better, the yoga mat has a non-slip performance that lets you focus on the training process without worrying about sliding and slipping accidents.

Thanks to its thin and eco-friendly polyurethane top layer, the mat can absorb sweat and any other form of moisture it is subjected to.

2. Cambivo Extra Wide Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Cambivo Extra Wide Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Due to its double-sided non-slip surface, the Cambivo yoga mat enables you to engage confidently in practice.

The mat cannot slide because of the wavy underside and has a subtle texture that helps your limbs to maintain their position during stretching.

Because of its lightweight nature, the mat can be conveniently carried around, especially if you have to do yoga from different locations.

The mat’s innovative alignment also helps to properly place your feet and hands during practice so that you can focus on and control your thoughts as you train.

The mat is wide and large, facilitating all poses and exercises, and you do not have to go through the stress of having your hands or legs hanging outside the mat. Moreover, its double-layer structure is resistant to deformation and cracks.

You do not have to worry about cleanliness because the yoga mat is easy to clean thanks to its wide-closed cell surface that keeps moisture and loose dirt at bay.

Regarding its care and maintenance, ensure you only operate on it barefoot, as sharp objects and harsh training equipment can lead to damage.

3. Daway Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

Daway Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

Some of the pros of this mat include the following:


  • Is wear-resistant/ durable
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is kind to the body
  • It is made of a sturdy, grippy material
  • It has a body alignment line system

Daway Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat is a unique yoga mat with plenty of exciting features for plus-sized individuals. Forts, the mat is manufactured from eco-friendly material that improves its durability and contributes to its lightweight nature.

The upper surface of this great yoga mat has a line that helps with excellent positioning and alignment during training sessions. Not every day do you come across fitted with a special-line feature that ensures alignment during practice.

Compared to the average yoga mat, this option is much thicker, which is the correct requirement for plus-sized individuals to get the best out of yoga practices.

The mat offers a firm grip that minimizes slip and sliding accidents despite having a soft feel when touched.

Due to its moisture-resistant feature, the yoga mat is easy to clean and requires only soap and water without making much effort. The extra thickness helps to protect you from elbow and knee pain as you get in contact with the ground.

It is also lightweight and easy to carry, mainly because it comes with a carrying strap and bag; hence movement is facilitated.

Some of the cons include the following:


  • It has an irritating smell which may be a problem for those who are smell-sensitive
  • They are less comfortable compared to other rubber mat varieties
  • The mat’s top mat peels off with time
  • It won’t lay flat

If you are a plus-sized person looking for a reasonably priced mat, this is the right mat to settle on. Moreover, its edges and legs are also extra padded to protect against rapid wear and tear.

4. Cambivo Extra Long Yoga Mat

Cambivo Extra Long Yoga Mat

Cambivo Extra Long Yoga Mat was created for plus-size individuals needing a wider and longer training space. The mat is 84 x 3 inches and is fit for individuals of all fitness levels and ages because of the favorable surface area.

Some of the pros of this mat include the following:


  • Is resistant to moisture
  • It has a thickness of 6mm
  • The mat is travel-friendly and convenient for traveling
  • The bottom part of this yoga mat has a unique honeycomb pattern
  • It supports barefoot exercise because of its ultimate grip feature

Its 6mm thickness offers outstanding cushioning and helps ease pressure on the joints so that yogis are protected against injuries.

Due to the spectacular cushioning feature, these yoga mats can also be described as shock absorbers because they guard against sore limbs.

The unique honeycomb design provides more grip so that the mat does not slide during yoga poses and stretches.

Also, the feature enables your feet to stay more secure and grounded on the mat; hence you get the chance to be treated to an unrestricted exercise experience.

The mat can be used for home yoga practice and carried to the gym because it is considerably light to enable portability and storage.

After concluding the yoga practice, ensure you wipe off the sweat that may have trickled on the mat using a damp cloth and little soap, then finally roll it up in its bag and put it away, all ready and set for the next yoga practice.

Some of the cons of the Cambivo extra-long yoga mat include the following:


  • Not recommended to be used in a vigorous workout
  • It is not durable and hence cannot be depended on to stand the test of time
  • The mat tends to get slippery when sweaty and may lead to sliding accidents if left to be too sweaty

This mat gives you a price-friendly option for unleashing your yoga talent and helps change your perspective on yoga as a plus-sized yogi.

5. Yoga Accessories Extra Long and Extra Wide

Yoga Accessories Extra Long and Extra Wide

This Yoga Accessories Extra Long and Extra Wide Mat is considered one of the largest in the market and is as wide as 7 feet by 3 feet, which is enough space to facilitate rolling during yoga stretches and other exercises.

The mat is suitable for cold and hot yoga, is anti-leak, and is manufactured using an environment-friendly material.

The Deluxe yoga mat has a textured side to prevent slipping and has a good feel so that yogis do not experience any slippery feeling.

The mat is ideal for yogis, photographers, or artists looking for extra stretching space because it is relatively large.

Some of the pros of the Deluxe Accessories yoga mat include the following:

  • It is pocket-friendly
  • It is extra thick and wide for more stretching space.
  • It is available in various colors; hence one gets to choose the color that best works for them.
  • The mat comes fitted with a carrying strap and a handy travel bag that helps facilitate movement between different yoga locations.

It is also safe to use the mat without phthalates and latex, and it does not compare to any large yoga mat available on the market.

Some of the cons of this yoga include:

  • The mat edge rolls up a bit but can be fixed by peeling off the mat’s first layer
  • The mat’s surface tends to get a bit slippery; hence it is recommended to lay a towel underneath

The availability of yoga mats for plus-sized yogis has helped to make yoga sessions fun and something they look forward to because they fit their various needs and specifications.

Some of the Requirements to Look Out for a While Selecting Yoga Mats for Plus-Size Women Include the following:

  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Dimensions
  • Weight

If you want to succeed in yoga as a plus-size person, you must ensure you have enough support and that the poses are modified so that a lot of strain is not involved.

As a plus-size person, attending a yoga class with the same body size as yours not only gives you a boost of self-confidence but also makes you feel welcomed and at ease with yourself.

Once you adjust to the environment and the people around you, it is now upon you to ensure the yoga equipment you have facilitates your yoga journey, such as settling on the right choice of mat.

Most of the time, discomfort and disinterest in yoga arise from using the wrong mat.

The following are what you should look for while looking for yoga mats for plus-size men and women:


The majority of yoga mats are made from synthetic plastic polymer and rubber. Yoga mats made from rubber are considered more sustainable because they are a product of biodegradable rubber.

However, they can be a bit unfavorable for people suffering from latex allergies. Also, PVC mats may not be favorable because they allow less grip and may lead to sliding as you stretch.


As a plus-size person, it would be convenient if you considered the thickness of your yoga mat as they vary from pancake thin to supportive to comfy.

Your personal preferences determine your yoga mat’s thickness, and you can settle on a thinner mat if you feel like you need a more personalized feel with the ground.

Thinner yoga mats are also suitable for standing poses, while the thicker ones are more suitable for people who have sensitive backs or knees.

This is because the thicker they are, the more capability they have to provide comfort and support during practice.


Usually, yoga mats are 68 and 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. While being keen on the dimensions, ensure you carefully choose the place to practice yoga and go for the width depending on your wants and needs.

The taller you are, the taller your yoga mat should be so that you do not struggle to accommodate your height on a shorter mat.

Moreover, some yoga studios are against wide yoga mats as they take up much space and may limit the number of people who are supposed to be in a session.


Transporting a weighty yoga mat may not be much of a problem if you hold your yoga practices at home. However, ensure your yoga mat is not as weighty, especially if you must carry it to the training session 3-4 times a week.

A yoga mat’s weight is highly determined by choice of material it is made from and the chosen size. The thicker the mat, the heavier it is likely to be.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Mats for Plus-Sized Yogis

When plus-sized yogis choose the best yoga mat, more caution and care must be applied to make the training exercise easier.

Some of the ways to ensure you settle on the right choice of yoga mats include:

Personal Recommendations

You can settle on a mat depending on your personal preferences or according to the instructions given by the yoga instructor and Healthline editors, among other concerned health professionals.


Before settling on a specific yoga mat, ensure you get enough vetting and scrutiny to align with Healthline’s brand integrity standards and is intentional with your general well-being.


Regarding yoga mats, the policy to stick is to quality over quantity. It is essential to go with a yoga mat that gives you value for your money and will save you from hunting down new yoga mats after a short period.

Customer Reviews

Before settling on a purchase, it is always important to review reviews on the company website to know what other customers think about the quality of yoga mats sold and the general service delivery.

The reviews also provide adequate information concerning usability and comfort, which helps prepare you for what is coming and helps paint a picture of what you are getting yourself into by purchasing the yoga mat.

Company Reputation

Before blindly settling on a yoga mat, ensure the company is reputable. Through this, you will be able to judge the company’s products, if they ate eco-friendly or not, and how well they are known for their services.

A negative reputation or news about a company is enough indication that any purchases made may be regrettable in the future.

Suppose you are serious about yielding positive results after several yoga sessions.

In that case, you must be open to receiving extra assistance and advice from experienced professionals on what direction to take during the yoga sessions.

A yoga mat should be supportive and comfortable and ensure there is the providence of a firm grip for stability and to reduce sliding accidents. While not everyone fancies the idea of spending on their yoga habit, it is essential to have a personalized training yoga mat.

This saves you from sharing the ones already available at the studio, which tend to be germy and soaked up in a sweat from different people. The best part, however, is that other brands have come up to manufacture different yoga mat varieties to one’s specifications.

Most yoga mats tend to go through wear and tear not only because of a person’s body mass index but also because the floor they are placed on might have a rough surface that is not friendly to the material used to manufacture the yoga mat.