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How to Hide Panty Lines in Yoga Pants? 9 Pro Tips

How to Hide Panty Lines in Yoga Pants

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that involves the body and mind and involves a mix of physical postures, meditation and breathing techniques that helps the body achieve relaxation. Yoga sessions require skin-tight workout gear to ensure comfort.

However, choosing the right undergarment to put on under your workout gear can be difficult.

Visible panty lines can quickly ruin any good outfit, so you must pay extra attention when dressing up to enhance your overall look and avoid unnecessary embarrassing moments from onlookers.

Moreover, it is advisable to put on tight-fitting yoga pants because of the techniques and movements involved and reduce the chances of accidents occurring while practicing intense advanced poses.

Yoga sessions vary depending on your skill level and objectives at the end of each session.

Read on to find out more about the different ways in which you can hide panty lines from showing under your yoga pants:

What is a VPL?

VPL is when the outline of your underwear can be seen through your clothing’s lower half. VPLs are commonly an issue for garments that are not as opaque as you may think they are. Technically, onlookers can see the outline of your undergarments if you have light or tight clothes.

The most common culprits are heavy panty seams because they either dig into the backside, leave an indention, or sit on the woman’s rump and create a ridge line. In both ways, the shape of your undergarments can be easily seen by someone standing behind you.

Are VPLs Good or Bad

Panty lines are neither positive nor negative, although people can have an opinion or two about them. VPLs can prove to be the bane of your existence if you like putting on leggings or yoga pants, as nobody wants attention to be drifted to the base of their underwear nor an embarrassing camel toe peeking out beneath the yoga outfit.

A VPL can also be uncomfortable because of the unrelaxing feeling of your panty’s seams digging into your skin. If you are up for yoga pants, you can avoid getting VPLs by taking some precautions to ensure your yoga fit is on point before heading out.

How to wear your Yoga Pants without showing Visible Panty Lines

Before settling in for underwear, it is essential to ensure what you have is the right size without being too baggy or too tight for your skin. Elastic bites on your skin indicate that your underwear might be too tight and can result in a VPL and discomfort.

You know the underwear is too big if you can feel excessive clothing on your butt and through your yoga pants. Loose undergarments cause wrinkles and bump to appear under the pants; hence it is best to resort to the correct size.

Best way to Prevent Visible Panty Lines

Choosing the correct type of underwear is the first step in ensuring you do not have visible panty lines.

Different types of panties exist; some do a great job providing the panty line is not visible and your yoga fit is as seamless as it should be.

Aside from choosing the appropriate type of panty, you can decide to go commando and ignore putting on panties altogether. Some of the ways to ensure you do not have your panty lines showing through your yoga pants include:

1. Go Commando

Depending on how thick your yoga pants are, you can decide to forego panties and have a carefree workout session. Going commando is one of the most guaranteed ways of you not having a visible panty line because there are no panties involved to leave a print.

Going commando is ideal for people who do not intend to spend more money to get new yoga pants that hide panty lines. However, going commando can be subtle hence the need to wear yoga pants that will provide more coverage and be less revealing.

Before heading out for a yoga session without panties, ensure you have a little walk around the house to ensure that there will be no chances of ending up in body shaming situations.

2. Pick the Right Underwear

Ensure your panties are the perfect fit before putting them on. Tight undergarments tend to be uncomfortable and distractive during workout sessions, while loose undergarments do not offer enough support to the butt during training.

Because yoga can be strenuous for some people, regular and undisturbed blood circulation is needed to ensure the body cooperates well. Underpants that tighten the skin too much may disrupt blood circulation and lead to discomfort and shortness of breath.

3. Use Boy’s Shorts

Boy’s shorts provide the butt with more coverage and produce a much more seamless look that regular panties cannot have. Furthermore, it is extremely rare for boys’ shorts to ride up unless they are too tight or are not in the proper fitting as it supposed to be.

Before heading out, be sure to test them on with your favorite yoga pants and take note of the results if they are satisfactory or not.

Boy’s shorts are available in different materials; hence choose the one that you find most appropriate for your body and the yoga pants and will give minimal or no seams.

While putting them on, do not forget to smoothen them down to avoid wrinkles and bums from showing through your yoga pants. Those who prioritize comfort during yoga can also opt for boy’s shorts instead of going commando.

4. G-strings and Thongs

G-strings are made from the least fabric amount, and one can find difficulty trying to get used to them if they have never worn them before because of their snug fit.

However, you never have to worry about visible panty lines again once you try out g-strings because they are made of less fabric that will most likely not reveal itself through your yoga pants.

Thongs are also called ‘’no shows’’ because they are made as seamless as possible to ensure they are undetectable under your yoga pants.

The right choices of thongs are those with no sewing seams and those made of spandex and nylon if you want to avoid harsh lines on your skin.

For extra caution, practice positions like squats and bending in your things before proceeding to the yoga session, which helps to rule out all uncertainties that you may have with your thong.

Also, ensure your yoga pants are high-waisted so that your things do not show while trying positions that involve a lot of bending.

5. Seamless Underwear Panties

Seamless panties are made from cotton, a comfortable and breathable material that guarantees invisible panty lines. While picking out one, ensure it covers your bum and is in a nude color to avoid penetrating through your yoga pants.

Many styles are available in the market, with many styles having laser-cut edges that make it difficult for a visible panty line to appear. For a seamless look, give spandex and elastic pants a try compared to cotton panties which tend to be thicker and unbreathable.

Seamless underwear panties are a reasonable consideration if you have see-through yoga pants because they offer full coverage to the bum and leave no room for imagination.

6. Bike Shorts

Bike shorts protect VPLs and offer full coverage to your bum area so that no panty seams are showing. After putting on your undergarment of choice, put your bike shorts on top and smoothen any lines that may cause wrinkles and creases.

Biker shorts are also advantageous if your yoga pants are too light and see-through. However, they may not be a favorite option for those who dislike getting too warm.

7. ShapeWear

If your undergarment is a little sheer, shape wears, add an extra layer that will cover the underwear seams and leave no visible panty lines. They run from the waist to the mid-thighs and offer maximum coverage to the bum.

Shapewear sucks in unwanted bulges and is available depending on different body types and outfits. These can be worn together with your panties or not, and some extend to the legs to ensure more coverage is provided.

You can also put on tights or pantyhose if you do not like wearing shapewear and go with the high-wasted tights that will provide full coverage to your stomach.

8. Thick Workout Gear

Panty lines are more visible when the yoga pant is made of a thinner fabric. If you need a heavier fabric, consider going for workout gears made of cotton or spandex because these fabrics are less see-through and are ideal if you want to stay covered during workout or yoga sessions.

9. Workout Bottoms

Unnecessary fabric bunching can be avoided by wearing workout bottoms in their correct size, as those that are too small or too big draws attention to your undergarments and causes visible panty lines.

Furthermore, workout bottoms are worn in the wrong size influence the appearance of the camel toe, which may cause discomfort during yoga sessions. Undies that are too big or too tiny can also cause the formation of panty lines.

Confuse the Eyes with Striped Leggings

You can blend your panties with yoga pants that have a fun pattern so that people cannot figure out if your panty lines are showing or not.

Fun patterns to conceal panty lines include flowers, polka dots, and stripes; if you want to conceal panty lines better, ensure the striped leggings are of a dull color too.

Yoga pants with back pockets are also suitable for hiding the seams on panties.

Patterned garments invoke a sense of fun and joy during yoga training sessions and reduce the chances of your panty line showing because the patterns distract people from noticing if there are any visible panty lines.

Pick up the Right Fabric

Pants made using thicker fabrics such as cotton are unlikely to show visible panty lines compared to materials such as silk, whose light nature makes it easy for panty lines to show.

Other fabrics, such as tweed and denim, are thick enough to conceal the contents of your yoga pants, especially the panty lines.

The rear pockets in yoga pants also make your yoga pants appear thicker and prevent panty lines from showing under your pants.

If you are not a fan of wearing g-strings or thongs, you might want to give stick-on things a chance and see how they serve you.

Stick-on things mainly offer coverage to the front side of your crotch, leave you free of panty lines, and help hide the camel toe so that none of your lady parts is exposed.

If you do not want your panty line, it is essential to keep away from tight yoga pants and ensure they are in the right size for your overall comfort.

Choosing outfits according to the correct size helps you achieve a tidy, neat, and decent look without worrying about onlookers.

The best way to determine if a cloth is your size is by taking your hip and waist measurements and ensuring they are in line with the fabric.

Sizing varies depending on the available brands of clothes hence the importance of making purchases with your measurements for accuracy levels.

Underwears are an additional supportive layer to your yoga pants, and making sure you settle on the right choice of underwear is key to minimizing discomfort and decency during yoga sessions.

While choosing the right type of panties for your yoga pants, be keen to check if the waistband is comfortable.

Narrow waistbands give you difficulty putting them on and do not offer as much support as required.