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How to Clean the Lululemon Yoga Mat?

how to clean lululemon yoga mat

Lululemon is a brand of yoga and fitness apparel. They sell their products wholesale to other stores, or you can order directly from their website.

Lululemon mats are usually the most expensive item on their website and can be costly for those who don’t know how to clean them properly.

The mat is not very well designed in terms of cleaning, and the company takes up to 24 hours to respond with a fee for return too frequently which results in cost-intensive prices for people who own Lululemons but only have one at home.

This article will go through many ways to beat this problem so that people don’t have any issues with their expensive products.


As far as I know, there is one way to clean a Lululemon mat. The way to do it is by hand washing it in cold water with Woolite or detergent with similar properties, rinsing the detergent off, and then allowing the mat to dry naturally.

There has been some uncertainty regarding whether or not the carpet can be put into a dryer; however, it seems that it can be put into an electric or gas dryer but not on high heat.

It might damage the mat, so allow for average drying temperatures. Lululemon sells a special cleaning kit which can be purchased on their website for about $20.

It contains a mat cleaner, a stain remover, and some instructions for cleaning. It also mentions that it is machine washable, which contradicts their standard cleaning method.

However, one could assume that the $20 kit is provided to prevent companies from cleaning the mats by hand because hand washing them could be costly.

If you have already purchased your carpet, this is the best option to clean your rug because you will not have to worry about any future costs associated with cleaning.

Cleaning Solutions

There are many different ways that people can clean their Lululemon mats by hand, but it requires some patience and time.

People will have to stretch the carpet out and cut it into pieces because cleaning all mat parts can be complicated.

It is best to start by cleaning the inner parts of your carpet because these are often where the dirt can hide. Use a lint roller or maybe a steam cleaner to get rid of all of that grime.

Some people would like to use a vacuum cleaner; however, this is not recommended because if you leave the vacuum cleaner on too long without drying, you could damage your mat.

Once you have cleaned all areas of your carpet, it is time to remove any rugs that are saturated with liquids or heavily soiled with dirt and other substances.

You will have to cut the mat into pieces because cleaning the entire carpet with one piece can be challenging.

You will also have to wash all your rugs by hand because using a regular washing machine can damage the product.

I suggest you clean your Lululemon mats every six months or so. This is just a suggestion, and there shouldn’t be any problems with this process, but I suggest that you do this so that you won’t have any issues with your product.

If you already possess a Lululemon mat, I recommend cleaning it at least once a week. However, this depends on how dirty the carpet is and what detergent treatments you use for your Lululemon mat cleaning solution.


Your mat should be able to dry in a regular dryer; however, I suggest that you allow it to air dry completely before using it.

If you use a standard dryer, there is an increased risk of compromising the integrity of your mat.

It will also take much longer for your carpet to dry naturally because the sun can do much more for a product than an electric or gas device.

I suggest you take your Lululemon mat out of the washing machine and hang it on a drying rack outside.

Allow it to hang there until it is scorched, and this will ensure that your product stays in good condition and doesn’t grow mold or mildew, which are very common with damp products.

The sun and air will help circulate the moisture out of your mat, allowing it to dry much quicker than a regular dryer would.


The material that Lululemon mats are made out of is Nylon. If you accidentally get this substance on your skin, wash the area with soap quickly.

This substance can cause rashes or other irritations to the skin, so be sure to clean yourself well when you get some on you.

If you should get some of this on your clothes, it has also been known to cause them to fade or even melt in worse cases.

The only way to prevent this is to wash your clothes thoroughly after getting some on them.

It is not recommended to place your mat in the washing machine because you could damage it. It should work well if you can get a mat cleaner meant for the purpose.

Suggestions By Others

Many online blogs talk about cleaning their Lululemon mats by hand. I suggest you seek information from others who’ve done this because they have some unique ideas.

You will be able to avoid many of the abovementioned issues regarding cleaning, which will make your experience much better and more enjoyable.

The blogs I found also mention other products used to clean their Lululemon mats by hand. One person said they use vinegar, and another noted that they use GooGone.

Some even suggest you contact the customer service department for Lululemon and get them to ship you a package of the pad cleaner so that you don’t have to do it by hand anymore.

There are many ways to clean your Lululemon Mat, and I noticed there is no definitive answer for how people do it, so I’ll list what I know.

Many people use Tide, a special detergent made to clean yoga mats. You can also use regular dish soap or laundry detergent if you do not have a specific product. Other people use baby wipes to get sweat and oil off their mats.

Again this depends on the person and what they prefer to use. Do not use bleach or any other harsh chemicals on your mat.

This will destroy it and void your warranty if you have purchased the product. Other people use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean their mats.

The great thing about this is that it is left to dry in the sun; it evaporates and kills the bacteria that can be stuck to your mat.

In the end, there are many ways to clean your Lululemon mat, but there is only one way to know that it’s clean enough for you.

Try a few different things until you find what works best. When you find the best method, stick with it because it will save you time and energy.

The benefits of cleaning your Lululemon mat by hand are many and make the experience more enjoyable.

Many people also like putting their mats in their washers and dryers; no damage is done to them.


Cleaning your mat before you use it is essential; after all, it is supposed to be hygienic.

I want to point out that many people think you should clean your mat every time it gets dirty and follow the instructions for cleaning it.

Some people will say that an excellent way to clean your carpet is to take a damp rag and wipe the dirt off the areas, drip dry and then wash with soap.

This, however, can damage the base of your mat because it will leave foam behind where water has collected, which can cause mold and mildew.

You should always clean your carpet after every use, but this isn’t necessary if you follow the instructions for cleaning your Lululemon mat.

If you do not follow the instructions for cleaning your Lululemon Mat, it can build up a lot of bacteria and other nasties that are harmful to you and your body.

Your skin can react badly to this bacteria, so avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach on your mat is best unless you know how.

Avoid using a bleach solution, baby wipes, and anything very harsh because they will not clean properly and do more damage than good.

There are many ways to clean your Lululemon Mat, but we can only recommend the things that will avoid damaging your mat.

If you want to take the easy way out and avoid damaging your carpet, then we suggest that you purchase a separate mat cleaner to do it for you.

This will save you a lot of time and frustration. There are many different types of cleaning products out there that are made for cleaning yoga mats.

One recommended Amazon product is Pro-Clean Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner Soap for all yoga mats by The Manduka Company.

This product also has a free eBook that provides excellent information on properly caring for your Lululemon Mat.

It is recommended that you dry your mat overnight on a paper towel after you clean it.

The paper towel will absorb the moisture, and the sun will help to dry it more quickly.