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9 Best Yoga Gloves For Wrist & Grip Support

best yoga gloves

Some yoga practitioners wear yoga gloves as a prop to cushion their hands and prevent sliding. Some people, particularly if they have to borrow a mat from a yoga studio, also favor wearing yoga gloves for sanitary reasons.

Yoga gloves are often composed of breathable materials like cotton or Lycra and frequently have dotted coatings to increase grip. The fingers may be left exposed, or they may only cover the palm.

One of the most significant and well-liked exercise trends today is yoga. It is an excellent approach to improving circulation, flexibility, and good posture.

You will need some yoga equipment to be stable and comfortable while performing some challenging postures, whether you have practiced for a long time or are still a beginner.

A yoga wrist support can be a crucial component, and the finest yoga gloves help you get better postures while lessening wrist strain.

Your yoga practice will benefit significantly from the use of yoga gloves. They are still not very common, but they have several advantages, so you should look into them.

A List of the Top Yoga Gloves

1. YogaPaws Elite Padded Yoga Socks and Gloves Set

With this YogaPaws Elite Yoga Gloves and Socks Set, you may skip packing your yoga mat. With this set, you can practice yoga wherever and anytime without fear.

You may practice yoga anywhere, anytime with YogaPaws wearable mats. Rubber, mesh Lycra, and a 5mm layer of cushioned microfiber are the materials used to prevent stretching.

The wrist support of the gloves is kept from deteriorating by the strap. There are four sizes to pick from, and it is non-slip. This brand is well-liked by yogis and is one of the best non-slip yoga gloves.

Thanks to its clever design from actual yoga mats, you’ll get additional support with a bumpy natural adhesive latex grasp and an extendable wrist strap.

To prevent sweat from distracting you during your inversions, the designers added an innovative, breathable mesh fabric inside the top and an absorbing microfibre lining.

The Yoga Paws gloves cost extra because they are of higher quality and stay longer. They are ideal for both gents and ladies, come in four subdued colors, and are latex- and silicon-free.

If you’re looking for gloves with a bit less padding but still want to be durable, Yoga Paws Extremely Thin mittens might be a better option.


These gloves have strong terry cloth to prevent stretching and woven rubber on the palms for good grip. It is easy to absorb and breathable. The grip gets better as the gloves warm up.


Some customers complain that the gloves are too tight to wear, even though this product is helpful as an alternative to your yoga mat. At the same time, some criticized the elastic strap for appearing fragile and unreliable between the fingers.

2. Yoga Paws Skin Thin Non-Padded Gloves

One disadvantage is that yoga gloves can get hot and make your hands sweat.

They are not suitable for hot yoga because you will already be sweating profusely, and the room will be close to a hundred degrees.

This antithesis is the elite version of the yoga paws, intended to be thick and cushioned. However, because they are so thin, YogaPaws’ SkinThin type gloves are excellent. They are called SkinThin for this reason.

One of the most functional and ergonomic yoga gloves is this pair from YogaPaws. You’ll like its good grip and universal size, making it simple to suit everyone.

Instead of having adhesive spots, these SkinThin gloves offer a whole rubberized palm that helps keep you in place.

They come in four different sizes, which is unusual for yoga gloves and lets you adjust the fit. Even while wearing these yoga gloves, the ergonomic design guarantees that your hands have a full range of motion.

The interior is coated with terry to wick away sweat and prevent slick grips as you practice yoga.


We appreciate the versatility and universal comfort of the size of these yoga gloves. You can use it for any sport that requires gloves, including yoga, rowing, riding, and other activities.


During the first few uses, the gloves may emit a chemical-like odor that eventually goes away. Try purchasing a larger size if the fit is also a little snug.

3. Mato & Hash Yoga Pilates Fingerless Grip Gloves

The grip pattern of these Yoga Gloves mainly focuses on the palm and fingers for traction, preventing you from skidding or feeling your gloves lift.

This product’s composition is 22% polyester, 3% spandex, and 75% cotton. It has a superior grip on slippery surfaces and a non-slip palm.

These gloves allow you to hold your poses lengthier without bunching or bending. Your hands will stay dry and cool thanks to the fabric’s construction.


We adore these yoga gloves because they have a perfect grip, more stability, and better balance. The cotton/polyester fabric aids with sweat absorption.

Additionally, you can feel the ground thanks to the fingerless design of these yoga gloves. It matches perfectly with Mato & Hash Yoga socks and is offered in two hues (black and grey).


The stretchy fabric used to make these gloves causes them to deteriorate more quickly than gloves made of tougher materials.

Some consumers said the gloves were unpleasant and continued irritating their finger webbings.

4. Prosource Fit Grippy Yoga Gloves

Nothing is more disheartening than attempting to concentrate and maintain composure while performing a yoga asana when your hands and feet unexpectedly slip off the mat.

Grippy Yoga Gloves are made as fingerless gloves with rubber spots covering the palm and fingertips to prevent slippage.

These Prosource gloves can be used with or without a mat, but they were explicitly designed to improve mat-based yoga practices.

This is important because their design’s main objective is to offer stability without compromising the connection to your mat. To do this, they have an excellent open-fingered design.

PVC rubber dots are applied to the fingers and palms of the gloves to give specific traction and a firm grip.

Additionally, it has a fingerless construction that permits flexible movement and a stable attachment to the ground. It is machine washable and comprises 6% nylon, 92% cotton, and 2% elastin.

You can hold those challenging poses for extended amounts of time because of the gripping dots on the palms. Gloves and socks with non-slip surfaces are a must!

The ProSource yoga gloves are ideal for people who own mats and are also quite reasonably priced.

Additionally, they are available in several varieties of hues, including aqua, purple, pink, black, and gray. They come in a universal size.


Yogis enjoy these gloves since they are the best non-slip yoga gloves. Its anti-slip construction makes yoga simpler, safer, and more pleasurable, helping you to stay focused.

The PVC rubber dots provide traction and stability. It is soft cotton and easy to wash with a machine.


According to some yogis and users, these gloves are enormous, particularly for women with small hands.

Additionally, the material is short-lived, easily worn out, and slippy due to the material’s flexibility.

5. Copper-Joint Copper -Wrist Support & Compression Sleeve

As a multi-purpose glove, this CopperJoint compression sleeve lacks the grippier, non-skid textured palm seen on most yoga gloves and is not designed exclusively for yoga.

If you are considering a glove due to forearm pain and need support, this compression sleeve provides protection and compression without compromising your range of motion.

They have proven beneficial for people who practice yoga while suffering from carpal tunnel. Of course, consult your doctor before engaging in yoga with injuries or other ailments.


Because there are many different sizes available, use their sizing guide to get the best fit. Furthermore, the cost is affordable.


The CopperJoint glove is unlike the other products available because it is only offered as a single item, not a pair.

6. Have-Dream NonSlip Yoga gloves for ladies

The HaveDream gloves are more appropriate for women because of their smaller size, although they are billed as gender neutral, and one size fits all.

Remember that four sets of these gloves are in the package, each with a distinctive color. In other words, you get several gloves for your money.

The sweat- and water-resistant one hundred percent silicone mini-grips lining of HaveDream gloves.

It is a bulk-free, one-size-fits-all yoga glove composed of cotton and spandex. They fit your hands well and are airy. It comes in 4 different colors so you can match it to your taste.

Since they are snug and shape-fitting on the hands, you won’t notice them much throughout your typical yoga practice.


Customers praised the gloves’ purposefully snug fit and discovered they could use them for various workouts. The gloves’ 100% silica grips and combed cotton cuffs, which improve perspiration absorption, are a favorite among yogis.


Although some yogis adore these gloves, others have complained that they are extremely hot and have fitting concerns. Additionally, when they perform yoga, it slices into the webbings of their fingers.

7. Element 26 IsoGrip Hand Grips

Focus on your practice, and don’t stray from it. You can stop slipping hands with the dependable Element 26 IsoGrip Hand Grips.

A flexible elastic finger loop on the Element 26 IsoGrip Hand Grips guards against blisters while performing yoga or other workouts. You can feel the most at ease when the fit is perfect.

You can effortlessly change how snug or lose your gloves fit with the custom trim wrist wrap.


Because it is comprised of sturdy isoprene polymer, the yoga glove won’t break easily. You don’t need to break it in because your hands adapt quickly. Once you remove it from the packaging and begin using it, you are set to go.


Gymnastics would be a better fit for these workout gloves than yoga. Additionally, it can be too sticky for yoga. Sometimes it could seem rigid.

8. Gaiam Yoga Gloves

With these Gaiam gloves, you can travel anywhere with a stable, non-slip surface that is exclusively created for you! They also function well with a mat to add more stability and traction.

Although they cost less, these gloves are noticeably less padded than the Yoga Paws gloves.

There are three different designs; the “Performance” style features a velcro wrist strap and a little thicker material with increased traction.

The complimentary socks, the Gaiam Yoga Socks, can be purchased separately if you want to practice without a mat.

9. WAGs gloves

These WAGs gloves cost significantly more than any other options on our list.

Still, you’re investing in a fitness accessory that, in the words of one user, is “a life-saver” — particularly for those with arthritis, tendonitis, or persistent wrist discomfort who want to be able to practice.

It’s important to remember that the maker brand does not suggest them to people who have carpal tunnel syndrome. Each glove has a molded gel stress-relieving cushion on the palm.

They are longer and have an adjustable compression wrist strap to provide even more stability.

There are four sizes available; however, check the brand’s size guide to ensure a good fit. These great yoga gloves contain a polyurethane surface on the bottom that offers anti-slip support, just like other excellent yoga gloves.

This pair is machine washable and was made with a stretchy nylon and poly blend.

Remember These Pointers Before Making a yoga glove Purchase

Know the design you choose or the motivation behind your purchase. Remember that the key to successful yoga gloves is a proper fit. You should be able to move freely when wearing close-fitting gloves.

  • Consider the fabric’s breathability, and choose moisture-wicking fabric mixes that will keep you clean and comfy. If you want to maximize warmth and coziness, you could decide to sacrifice breathability in favor of simple machine washing.
  • Getting acclimated to practicing with yoga socks and gloves could take some time. Be cautious when switching poses, and be patient when acclimating to the added grasp.
  • If you experience any pain or discomfort, remember to consult your doctor before beginning any physical exercise, including yoga.

How do yoga gloves work?

Yoga gloves are protective coverings that offer additional grip; they are produced for both your hands and your feet and are exceptionally snugly fitted.

The gloves are typically constructed of a breathable, light material like cotton or Lycra.

Choose a style based on your particular requirements. Others will provide further wrist comfort and padding, while all should have polyurethane or rubber on the hand for the grip.

Yoga mat gloves come in a range of designs. Some only cover the hands and keep the fingers free, while others only cover the fingers.

Others fit snugly without needing a strap, while some incorporate a velcro wrist strap.

Yoga socks, also known as feet yoga gloves-worn on your feet, frequently feature a cutaway for your feet, while other styles offer less protection but better traction on the balls on your feet.

Suppose you’re a beginner and only require a little extra grip to keep you stable in down dog. In that case, a straightforward pair of elastic wool mittens featuring grippy spots is an excellent and reasonably priced solution.

If you suffer from arthritis or wrist pain or find inversion postures uncomfortable, you might want to consider a glove that can do a little more.

Gloves with gel or cushioning padding all over the sole of the palm make any contact with the mat more comfortable by reducing part of the pressure on your wrists.

Alternatives with a strong wrist strap might help you keep optimal alignment and even prevent wrist problems.

Your training item should have supporting qualities and snug, simple fitting that feels like a body suit.

Although all yoga gloves have some degree of stretch, those made of cotton will be more breathable, and those made of a polyester fabric which looks like bandage dresses, will also prevent your hands from sliding about inside the glove. For an even better fit, some are also offered in numerous sizes.

The best yoga gloves may make your practice easier, pain-free, and pleasurable, just like yoga shoes, towels, and other mat-side supplies. Yoga gloves enable you to resume challenging arm balances and plank positions.

Benefits of yoga gloves

Yoga socks and gloves are used increasingly frequently because they have many advantages. These consist of:

  • Giving hands and the mat or ground more traction, mainly if the hands are sweaty. Yoga gloves’ primary purpose is to keep your hands, feet, or both from sliding while you exercise. They are specifically designed to grip your mat and other surfaces, such as the floor or mat where you do yoga. They can be especially helpful for people who sweat or prefer the extra traction but do not like the feel of an adhering yoga mat.
  • Allowing for a more cozy experience when doing yoga without a mat
  • Encouraging appropriate weight distribution and supporting the wrists with ergonomic features
  • Providing additional warmth when exercising in chilly environments
  • Yoga gloves are more portable than a yoga mat, which is why some individuals find them especially useful when traveling.

However, other people think wearing yoga gloves during practice is unnecessary because they can bunch up and prevent the hands from directly contacting the ground.

Similar-looking yoga socks are also available and have similar advantages to yoga gloves.

Common Questions Regarding Yoga Gloves

Which brands are the most trustworthy?

While every brand on our list is reliable, a select number have developed an excellent reputation.

The company Gaiam has been in business for ages and produces some of our favorite yoga accessories, like towels and foam blocks.

The other leading brand in this market is Yoga Paws. Their Premium cushioned gloves and Skin-Thin, non-padded gloves are both of the highest quality. And lastly, the WAGs Ultra gloves are unbeatable for wrist support.

How long do yoga gloves last?

By brand and product, this varies. It would help if you didn’t count on the cheapest products to last more than a year. These are much more likely to become stretched out or lose their traction.

The more expensive and robust (also known as cushioned) gloves may last you for several years. The good thing is that gloves are reasonably priced, so changing them won’t put a severe dent in your finances.

What exercises are WAGs used for?

You can use these support gloves for any activity that causes you to feel pressure on your wrists.

WAGs can be used for more than just yoga and Pilates; they can also be utilized for weightlifting, boot camps in the park, motorcycling, Gyrotonic, water exercises, TRX training, and even mowing the grass and gardening!

Should I wear lightweight yoga gloves or ones with padding?

This depends on the primary reason you’re purchasing gloves. Consider purchasing padded gloves if you require wrist support, especially if the device has a gel insert, as the WAGs do.

Thinner gloves are preferable if you’re only purchasing them for their traction. After reading the evaluations, select the gloves you believe would give you the best traction on your surface.

Can yoga gloves be washed in a machine?

Yes, generally, but make sure to read the product label. Do not overwash your gloves, even if they are machine washable. You don’t want too much washing to cause the rubbery grip nubs to flake off! Wash the gloves in cold water to avoid the possibility of them shrinking.

The typical pair of mittens is not like a pair of yoga gloves. Instead, they include coverings specifically created to give you more grip on your hands and feet.

No matter what exercise you do, they can withstand sweat and give you a secure grip. To sum up, yoga gloves are an excellent supplement to your yoga practice.