Based upon questions asked by students, we have tried to answer with total honesty to most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us on our email id.

I am completely new to yoga/have very little experience. Is this course suitable for me?

We welcome practitioners of all levels. Our work is based on utmost respect and care for the individual person, therefore we are dedicated to educating our students in the art of tailoring a yoga practice according to the scientific understanding of how the human body moves and functions. Unlike regular yoga classes, we go into detail about the anatomical, physiological and energetic layers of the human body, so that you will learn how to practice and teach yoga safely and effectively.

I am not flexible/do not have a consistent yoga practice. Will I be able to keep up with the physical part of the course structure?

Although our practice sessions are held in a group setting, our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are able to guide you into the best practice for your own unique self, through modifications of the poses and individual adjustments. We do not believe in pushing and torturing the body into achieving a certain goal, but instead to learn to work with the body slowly and progressively to heal and maintain good health. Therefore, students of all levels are able to thoroughly enjoy and effectively practice together in our courses.

Will the teachings of yoga go against my religious beliefs?

In its essence, yoga is not a religious nor spiritual practice. It is a science of how the body and mind function individually and relatively – ‘if you do this, you get that.’
In our philosophy sessions we encourage students to go deeper within themselves. We discuss the nature of the human mind, heart and being; from a neutral standpoint. We are seeking to look at all these things objectively, to deeply understand why and how they function, so we can return to our true selves. The moral teachings of yoga are not bound to any religion or spiritual belief, they are universal laws which can be practice by anyone, regardless of religion.

I am keen to join, but have no intention to teach yoga. Can I still join?

Of course! Most of our students start out with no inclination to teach – they just loved yoga and wanted to deepen their own personal practice and understanding. Upon completion of the course, some may feel the calling to start teaching, others may not. It is a very personal choice which only you can make. Either way, there is no right or wrong!

Is the Deep Yoga certificate recognized internationally?

Yes, our yoga school has been up and running since 2010 and we have international graduates who all over the world who are actively teaching. You can check out our testimonial section to see where some of our students come from.

Some students go on to apply for a membership with a yoga organization of their choice, for example Yoga Alliance (USA) and the International Yoga Federation of Europe; but this is purely optional and you have to make an individual application to the yoga organization of your choice.

What if Deep Yoga changes the dates of my course, or cancels it?

To date, we have not cancelled any of our courses. If for any unforeseen circumstances we need to change dates or cancel a course, we will provide full refund of the course fee.