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Deep Yoga Institute Schedule (2018-2019)

Program NameLocation Start Date End DatePrice Admission Open
Neo Yin YogaPrague, Czech Republic18 July 201822 August 2018€ 233
€ 256 (after 1st May)
Pranayama & Meditation
Prague, Czech Republic30 July 20182 August 2018€ 193
€ 217 (after 1st May)
Vinyasa YogaPrague, Czech Republic4 August 20188 August 2018€ 233
€ 256 (after 1st May)
Yoga TherapyPrague, Czech Republic15 August 201818 August 2018€ 193
€ 217 (after 1st May)
200 Hr YTTCBali, Indonesia5 Nov 201826 Nov 2018$4000Yes

Deep Yoga Therapy Course


Constant or repeated pain is often the result of structural(postural) and electrical(nervous) imbalances in the body. In order to relieve your pain, it is crucial for you to reduce these imbalances as much as possible. A good first step is to become aware of how these two systems affect your pain.


The structural system is your musculoskeletal system, which makes up the “mechanical” aspect of your body. It includes the bones and joints that make up the skeleton; the multilayered muscular tissues that connect, shape, and move the skeleton; and the various types of tissues that separate, cushion, and connect the skeletal and muscular tissues.

Structural imbalances can cause or aggravate your pain. These imbalances may involve various stressful patterns of alignment and movement (posture) during daily activities, including rest, work, and exercise .

Physical issues – Back Pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches,Stress injuries, knee pain many physical issues are directly related to Your daily activities and the body structure you are carrying .


Your “electrical” system is your nervous system. It is made up of all nerves in the body, including the nerves of the brain and spinal cord.  Imbalance within the electrical system can result in pain, negative emotional and muscular tension, and fatigue. By learning to decrease some of these imbalances, you can, increase your sense of comfort, relaxation, and energy. This can be accomplished if you take more conscious control of the  your electrical functions:

Psychological issues – Menstrual disorders , Anxiety , High blood pressure , Depression , Obesity , Traumas, are related to the activity and the mechanism of your breath and mind set you are carrying. you will understand the YOGA PSYCHOLOGY and its connection with breath. there will practical tool to manage the mind .


Practitioner can expect to grow with an understanding of their own misalignment, and how to correct them. This practical understanding can help you support your health and wellness on a regular basis and day to day situations.

Yoga Teacher  can expect to learn powerful tools to assist their students, patients and clients, addressing the root problems of their pains and troubles.

1. It will improve all over body and mind function
2. Improve strength and stamina , body mind coordination
3. Injury healing and prevention
4. Increase sense of awareness and Intelligence
5. Help you to enhance your daily life and sports activities
5. Power to focus and concentrate
6. Energetic effect on yours physical ,energetic, mental ,emotional, intelligence and bliss layers.
7. Transformation Life

What you will learn with Yogic postures

Alignment of Body, Breath, Brain and Bio energy Is Everything in Yoga Postures.

When the eight major load bearing joints of body (two shoulders, two hips, two knees, two ankles) are not rightly placed , and when the body deviates from it’s symmetrical and structural alignment (balanced left to right, balanced front to back) we experience pain and physical limitation.

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