Our Vision:

To share the beauty of yoga, and how it is helpful to enter the present moment, in order to understand that each moment is in itself divine.

About Us:

Our foundational principle is to honour every person as a unique individual. Therefore, to provide the best quality experience to each of our students, our yoga trainings not only encompass the classical understandings of yoga asana, pranayama and philosophy, but also incorporate knowledge of modern day science from, amongst many others, the works of Dr. Timbergen, Dr. Lorenzo Canada, the Chicago Rehabilitation Center, Amy Cuddy, and the Buteko method of pranayama. By combining the classical and modern, we have developed a system to understand yoga postures and pranayama, and how they relate to the physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers of the human body.

We believe that there are various ways to enter meditation as a powerful form of healing. Besides providing training in yoga postures and pranayama, we also peruse catharsis, laughter and dance as doorways to meditation.

May all who have blessed us with their presence in our courses be happy, healthy and enjoy life.